Why should we celebrate women’s day and what does

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It triggered my staunchly feminist mind

Thakur Sukesh Jain Sukesh Jain Varidhi Jaiwal Varidhi Jaiwal Chetan Kumar. Chetan Kumar NEXT POST LIFESTYLE Making Women’ Day Lithuania Email List count…a responsibility of the privileged women and men suprita kalra suprita kalraTheDreamersBlog MAR , , : IST As the Women’s Day approaches, mails and messages of special offers and discounts start pouring in and one i surrounded by the advertising gimmickry. on analysis frenzy. What do women want on women’s day,  it mean to those women who work so hard to make ends meet, who are still not able to claim equality in the society.

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I am talking of money mostly

Who face discrimination and oppression day in and out. Suddenly it occurred to me that the Women’s Day celebrations were as different as chalk and cheese between the women who had and those who didn’t. And here  but also of BTC Databaseas financial independence to decide how to spend one’s wealth, education which gives self-worth and confidence and put together, these both constitute the women empowerment in the truest sense. So what’s required to bridge the gap between these women who lead lives so different from each other, that they could be from different planets altogeth.

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