The not so fortunate ones to find their feet and lead their lives

The answer is simple, the privileged one’s, both men and women need to pull. Up and support  with dignity by helping them empower themselves and not just. A day smothered with free cocktails or chocolates. And yes till this beacon of empowerment lights up each woman’s life. Across the world, it’s very much worth being reminded of by the women’s day with all the jiggery-pokery. Suprita Kalra how often do we get jeered by our male colleagues regarding need for a women\’s day…this is inspired by that REPLY READ COMMENT POST A COMMENT suprita kalra THEDREAMERSBLOG A kids doctor, doctor for kids’ kidneys a mother and hard core feminist who loves to see things positively and takes everything with a pinch of salt and tons of humour.

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My Life Goals are to give back meaningfully to the society in terms of helping others especially children and young people to achieve their goals. And to become the voice of women for unaddressed issues which I have grappled Luxembourg Email List myself for many years. More Gender bias in Indian healthcare: Are we ready to acknowledge it? MOST DISCUSSED Medical tourism: Trends, drivers and growth potential in India Vishal Priyadarshi March , Has coaching subjugated teaching in India? Kumar March , Pesky calls penetrating private space !!! Kumar March , MOST READ Today’s time is paramount! Vibhu May , Oldest language of the world whatsup University May.

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