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 In the early days of California’s statehood, before the establishment of a permanent state capital in Sacramento, state legislative affairs rotated among three locations in the Bay Area. A major earthquake in 1906 razed the city of San Francisco and its surrounding areas, but the area was quickly rebuilt and the 1915 Panama Pacific Expo was held in time. During the Second World War, the Gulf region played an important role in the war efforts of the United States Asia-Pacific theater.

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Among them, the San Francisco departure port is one of the 14 facilities and headquarters  new data   locations, of which Meson is one of the main bases in the United States. U.S. military boarding point. In 1945, the 《 Charter of the United Nations 》 was signed in San Francisco, established the United Nations, and then permanently moved to Manhattan; in 1951, the 《 San Francisco Treaty 》 re-established a peaceful relationship between Japan and its allies.

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Since then, the Gulf region has experienced countless political, cultural, and artistic movements, developed unique local music and art schools, and created itself as a hotbed of progressive politics. Economically, the financial and technological industries in the post-war  B2C Database AS  Gulf region have grown substantially, with a GDP of more than US$700 billion, the region with the third highest concentration of US wealth 500 companies ( as of 2017). 2018).

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