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[8] [9] Since 2022, a large number of businesses, professional business services, technical offices and sports teams have appeared in the Gulf City from San Francisco, [10]11[ from San Jose、[12] and withdrawal from Auckland[13] and media organizations including the Hoover Institute warned that these cities are about to face a severe long-term economic recession spiral. [12] [14] Explain that this long-term regional recession theory includes narcotics and other drugs, crime and homelessness.

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 [15] In the era of increasing popularity of e-commerce, the West Coast ( Especially the Gulf District ) is geographically   new database  isolated from other North American business centers, so it faces the challenge of maintaining its status;[16] [17] also mentioned that the Gulf region’s leading position in the geographically dispersed high-tech field has gradually declined. [18] The region is still home to four of the top ten companies with the largest market value in the world.

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San Francisco is home to the headquarters of many companies inside and outside technology, including Bank of Rich Countries, Gaul, Salesforce, Uber, Airbnb, Twitter, Levi’s, Gap, Dropbox and Lyft. [19] [20] [21] Despite urban characteristics, San Francisco  B2C Database AS  Bay is one of the most ecologically sensitive habitats in California, providing important ecosystem services, such as filtering pollutants and sediments in rivers And support many endangered species.

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