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The convergence There are numerous possibilities for audience segmentation and the range of options offer for creating subgroups of people to whom you can send different emails is equally wide. . Design an interesting and useful itorial plan The email must be useful to the user otherwise it gets lost in the din of other communications. Be relevant and interesting to your readers , whether they are potential customers or existing customers. Intercepts user nes, tries to provide useful insights and respond to doubts or questions. Update the audience on the latest industry news and intersperse these articles with tips and tricks on how to best use the systems.

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Return to index How to create a successful email marketing campaign the steps Leads must be transform into customers , otherwise it would not make sense to spend a penny on an email marketing campaign for SaaS companies. This would be a waste of time, resources and personnel in configuring, creating, optimizing and sending. To improve the process of lead web designs and development service growth and increas. ROI (Return on investment) thanks to the higher conversion rate, we have identifi steps to follow Gather the right information. Audience segmentation is a mandatory practice to personalize your email marketing campaign. If there is no personalisation, the strategy loses to of its effectiveness.

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To be able to create subgroups and personalize emails, you ne to collect the right information, in order to make segmentation fast and automatic. One of the most important user data of all is his name . This information will be useful for addressing you in a direct and personal manner. Provide relevant content After obtaining the user’s name, email address, company BTC Database AS name and personal interests, the email marketing campaign can start. What to write in emails? And above all, on what occasion? Later we will go into the specifics of the types of successful emails. At the moment plan includes the sending of ucational contents and sales emails , obviously alternating.

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