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The establishment of G and BRICS highlights the propensity toward a renewable, global economy. Higher energy consumption accelerat by a growing population and higher demand, stimulates sustainable economic prosperity of the nation. The ruc dependency on fossil fuels stabilizes energy prices. Which in turn stabilizes food, fuel and fertilizer prices, and curbs inflation. In light of the worldwide trend towards a less Euro-American. Centric international order, The Rise of the Indian Sovereignty remains A Tryst With Destiny.

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The reign of the Indian Sovereignty brings with it a shift in the balance of power, a world shap and driven by India, her people, leadership, and values. In this international order, India finds itself at the bigger table, one where we deal the Canada Email List cards, not play by the cards dealt to us. and innovation, a world of global ecology, economy, cultures, science and technology, The Ascend of The Four Lions is destin. With the vision set out by the ambition for our forefathers, spirit of nationalism and pride in the India Growth Story, root in the Indian principles of unity, diversity and peace, the rise of the tricolor is bolster in.

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