You can export leads

You can export leads Step Copy-paste the Google Sheet formula in the nd and apply the formula to all the cells of the columns clicking and dragging. sales navigator url conversion google sheet To convert company page URL’s, you can use this formula instead: This process is more efficient than the manual one. But what if I told you that you could do even better? More in the next part . Use Evaboot Linkin Sales Navigator scraper Some tools can automatically convert sales navigator URLs to linkin URLs while they are scraping your Sales.

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Types of linkin urls This is the case of Evaboot. One seo expate bd of the best tools to export sales navigator leads into CSV files. Export Sales Naviin  ACwAABsx_DsB Zr kW _LPmzlqRFQ-uIVI uik You can see that both URLs lead to the same profile. The custom URL can be chang by the owner of the linkin account, but the one with the unique ID doesn’t change. That is why it’s better to store the “Unique ID URL” in your CRM. linkin sales navigator scraper chrome extension When you install the Evaboot Chrome extension, you got a new button “Extract with Evaboot” directly integrat to the Sales Navigator interface.

This button allows

You to extract all the info available on Linkin BTC Database AS Sales Navigator: Job position Number of connections Company Name Company website Number of employees in the company And more data points BONUS: if you are also looking for emails, you can add them to your CSV file in just one click from Evaboot. A really easy way to build lead lists for your linkin prospecting campaigns. Just click on “Find Emails” when your extraction is finish and Evaboot will find and verify professional emails for all the prospects in your list. find email from linkin urls Conclusion.

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