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The tool can also be used directly with hootsuite for a seamless planning workflow. Send to airtable source best for: larger companies who need to connect workflows across multiple teams. Pricing: airtable offers a free plan and paid plans that start at $10 per seat per month. Hubspot hubspot is a crm platform used to store and track. Customer data across all touchpoints from sales to marketing to service. When integrated with hootsuite.

You can seamlessly send customer interactions from facebook and twitter to your crm so the sales or service team is kept in the loop. Hootsuite streams and hubspot integration source best for.

Managing Customer Data and Interactions

Hubspot has a free plan that includes basic marketing, sales, service, and cms tools. Plans for new customers start at $18 per month. Zendesk social channels play a major role in fielding customer inquiries, so it only makes sense to include customer service software in your social media tool kit.

Zendesk is a help b2b email list desk and customer service ticketing software that enables teams to easily manage customer support tasks. When integrated with a platform like hootsuite, your team can seamlessly manage, create, edit, and share tickets in one place. Zendesk dashboard source best for: if your social team also manages customer support inquiries (or works closely with the customer service team), zendesk makes it easy to manage both functions.

Workflow and Project Management Tool

Zendesk plans start at per month. The zendesk pro for hootsuite app is per month. Monday is a that can be. Used for everything from. Campaign planning to creating a content calendar. When integrated with your hootsuite account, you can see all of your scheduled social posts. On a dedicated monday board. This helps create a seamless workflow and ensures. Everyone on your team is aligned.

On upcoming content. Monday BTC Database AS Hootsuite social board source best for: project management or. Content calendar creation. Pricing: monday offers a free forever plan for individuals and paid plans for teams that start at $24 per month.

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