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The best sales pages convert because they provide enough information to support decision-making and their readers feel that they should act right now. If the customer is left thinking and delays decision-making, then the page will not work as expected. The length of the sales page varies from short to long. A good rule of thumb is that the more valuable the product or service is, the more information the customer needs to support decision-making and the longer the sales page should be. online stores, long sales pages for online courses, online coaching, personal coaching, group coaching and certain types of services. be directed from the sales page to book a call before the final purchase decision.

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 However, this depends on the target group, the service, the product and its price. It is perfectly possible special data to sell a product or service worth 5000 euros through a sales page, but as I mentioned earlier, there are nuances to this that determine whether it makes sense. This is where sales page statistics come in handy. How many people visit the sales page and how many buy. A conversion can be calculated from these, which tells whether the information on the sales page is sufficient or whether something else is needed. Sales page length One of the longest sales pages I’ve ever come across was 42 A4 strips long. And  didn’t even feel like a chore. Many entrepreneurs don’t want to write long sales pages because they can’t read them themselves.

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The problem is not the length but the fact that BTC Database AS the right things are not being told there. If the page only talks about and praises the product, no wonder you can’t read it. There is a certain structure on the sales page, but the length is really only determined by how many barriers to purchase the target audience has. If the product is straightforward, solves a clear problem and is easy to understand (it is productized in the right way), then there are fewer barriers to purchase and then the sales page can be shorter. I personally collect obstacles and objections to the purchase, and at the moment there are already more than 30 of them. If the target audience has all of these in mind, then the page will naturally be long. 

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