What Product Can I Sell On Shopee

Prohibited items that have been banned by shopee namely drugs, alcohol, wildlife products, weapons, cigarettes, stocks, stolen goods, medicine and more.

Besides the items mentioned, you are free to sell anything. From furniture to clothing items. Shopee categorized the items you can sell in these:

Gaming & consoles Groceries & pets Health & beauty Mobile & gadgets. Automotive Travel & luggage Men & women fashion. Home & living Computer & accessories Home appliances Sports & outdoors Kids toys, clothing, and fashion How to start selling on shopee malaysia.

Ready to get started To start selling on shopee follow these steps

Download the shopee app
It is available for both in apple app store and google play store.

2. Register
Once you open the app, click ‘sign up’ to register an account. You are required to enter your mobile number and also set a password

You will also be given the option to log in with facebook or email.

Let them know that you’re phone number lists reachable. If you have people who have used your products, you should use testimonials. Customer pictures accompanied with video, audio, and written testimonials. Show your trust badge which is a certified e-commerce badge. This can boost your credibility.

Tap Start Selling on your profile

Phone Number List

Potential customers won’t be able to find your product in your shop. Submit once, you have completed all the steps, you products. Is now BTC Database AS live on shopee. You are now officially a shopee seller! The importance of having your. Own website pervis academy – pervis consulting while it is good. To sell on shoppe, is it wise to sell on your website too. Having your own website will give you a full authority. Of ownership. In your website, you can include the product price, have a database, as a backup. When something goes wrong on the third-party platform like shopee. Do people still go on websites. These days? The answer is yes and for very good reasons too.

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