What is sustainable marketing and how to implement it

What is communication and marketing professionals are at a turning point. Talking about sustainability is no longer enough: this discourse needs to be based on measurable actions that drive real change. “Traditional” marketing is no longer viable. Companies need to seriously reconsider their marketing strategies. While more organizations are scaling up their sustainability initiatives. Therefore, many struggle to communicate them effectively.

What is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable marketing tries to offer a socio-environmental industry email list approach that takes into account the impact generated by its activities. Philip Kotler American economist and one of the greatest marketing experts in history. Therefore, defines sustainable marketing as “meeting the needs of today’s consumers without compromising the capabilities of future generations.” In short, it is about all the usual marketing processes satisfying customer demands. Therefore, meeting the company’s objectives, as always, but also being compatible with the ecosystem. 

Keys to the use of sustainable marketing

In recent years, many companies BTC Database AS have publicly announced their environmental commitments and social responsibility initiatives in the hopes of attracting customers and building a good brand image. However, if these sustainable initiatives are not implemented in a realistic and ethically sound way. Therefore, the consequences can be detrimental. Always be honest with your marketing strategy: companies that do not practice what they preach run the risk of being branded as dishonest. Therefore, green washing Consumers want authenticity and honesty from brands. Therefore, will report companies that launch sustainable marketing messages that are inconsistent with their actions.

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