What Is SME Digitalisation Grant

In an effort to encourage businesses in malaysia to go digital. The sme digitisation grant has been introduced to smes out there.

This grant is limited to the first 100,000 sme only. So, hurry up because. This is the perfect time for your business to move forward because digital marketing is the present and the future.

It is a competitive world out there, you need. Therefore, to step up and grab this opportunity.

Let’s look at everything that you need to know about. Therefore, The sme digitalisation grant in malaysia and the steps to apply for it.

Realising the importance of going digital, this has been. Therefore, introduced by the government alongside Bank Simpanan Nasional, SME Bank, and MDEC.

Local businesses can now move rapidly into

Therefore,  The technology sphere which is the most sensible move during times like these. If you’re looking into taking digital marketing services, the government will provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 That being said, there are 7 digitalisation areas that the government has identified as crucial for SMEs which.

Digital Marketing & Sales Electronic phone lists Point of Sales (e-POS) System HR Payroll System/CRM Procurement E-Commerce Remote Working ERP/Accounting & Tax In order to be eligible for the grant, your business. Therefore, needs to fulfill these terms: The company is at least 60% owned by Malaysians Registered with. Therefore, If you fulfill all of these requirements, do not hesitate to reach out to a digital marketing agency to enjoy the services at such an affordable price.

Application form
This will be provided by the digital marketing agency. All you have to do is fill in the sme digitalisation initiative form.

2. Copy of identity card
All relevant individuals from your company such, Therefore, as the owner, directors, and partners will need to hand in a copy of their ic.

Copy of ssm documents in a full set

Therefore,  Proof to show that your sme is a registered company and has a business registration license.

4. Latest company’s bank statement
For this, you are required to show your BTC Database AS business’ bank statement for the last 2 months.

5. Invoice
You will be provided with this from an authorized agency listed by mdec.

Now, let’s look at the flow of applying for this sme digitalisation grant.

Step 1: contact a digital marketing provider

Note that, not every agency has been given the privilege of being a provider of this grant.

So, check the list by mdec to find out where you can claim this grant.

Once you have found one, you can contact and appoint an agency to be your provider.

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