We are making a billboard

We are making a billboard. Signs of bad SMM and how to make the community effective Hello. I am Adel Davletshin, director of the Friend Mia bureau In the previous article How to start SMM promotion and not waste time, I told you where it is better to start SMM. Why it is important to define goals and choose the right tools. In this article, I highlight common mistakes of promotion on social networks. The awareness of which does not come immutably. But , as you know , you learn from mistakes. Therefore, I will share my experience with you so that your work will be more effective.

How to sell hoodies through VKontakte

They greet you by their clothes. Incorrect community photo editing servies design. You have decide to create a VKontakte community. Where do you start. Most likely , you will want to quickly post a post with something like this We are the company ” Horns and Hooves”. Our company offers you a wide selection of products , we are here , call , come , order , buy! And then a couple more posts with photos of the product or services. It is worth remembering that building a house begins with the foundation. Prepare a platform for news. Start by setting up a group. Don t forget that people are greet by.

What we have improved How it all started

Their clothes , that is, by their appearance. Therefore, the group BTC Database AS must look good. Yes, yes , exactly look. I’m not talking about news and photos , I’m talking about design. Few people will be attract by a nondescript small avatar with hard to read text that has nothing to do with the name and theme of the group. Nobody likes a nak group where there is nothing but a wall of text. How to make a group attractive? Give people what they ne an informative avatar , a succinct description , address , phone number and work schule. Upload photos and videos to albums.

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