Even if you want to spend your day

Become a certified designer and ample job options are available. You can pursue certified courses from Udemy, Unacademy, and MICA as well as get a bachelor’s degree in design. Not only Indian companies but many MNCs are constantly looking for techies to work for them offering a handsome package and timings are also flexible.  with family and have young kids you can always go for the night shift which can be easily done from home without any hassle.

How much can I earn working

Qualification Required: technical knowledge Good command of computer languages Approx. salary of k to k, which goes even higher based on your expertise. There are many other options available. This list contains some options which I will also consider for myself.  home be done from any location? Ans. Yes, this is the Fax Lists best part of working from home, in most cases, your location does not matter as long as you are doing what is asked. How can one start? Ans. Firstly you must choose a field that interests you and what you are passionate about. Then secondly you must start with educating yourself for the same.

Fax Lists

There are some jobs that

Then start applying in various online job portals available. Are timings flexible in all Work from Home? Ans. Not always, but to a certain extent it is. allow you to work on flexible hours whereas in some you have to follow a particular shift timing which one can choose like morning or night shift. Can I start working after BTC Databaseas taking a long break? Ans. Definitely, you can. It’s never too late plus there is no age to learn. online? Ans. It depends on your qualification and the posts you are working or applying for.  usually – K Per month but if you are experienced it may be up to – K in the IT sector.

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