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User experience is also recommend to prepare instructions for the circulation of design. Documents regarding cost qualification, substantive, formal and accounting control, assignment, accounting and storage of design documentation. If the unit has one, appropriate provisions relate to the implementation of the project. Should also be include in the work regulations or remuneration regulations. These may include, for example, provisions regarding keeping working time records. In the case of using a task-base working time system. Documenting project expenses. Documents confirming project expenses (invoices, bills) should be properly describe.

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Detail description guidelines are include in program documents and often result from the co-financing agreement. However, you can specify a list of the most frequently require records. These are accounting number and assignment, a note on substantive, formal Photo Retouching and accounting control, information about co-financing of the expense. Name and number of the project and the number and date of the co-financing agreement. Description of the relationship between the expense and the project (category, expense from the material and financial schule), amount of eligible expense. Indication of the provision of the Public Procurement Law on the basis of which the expenditure is made.

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Territorial Just Transition Plan On March the Management Board of the Voivodeship adopt the draft. Territorial Plan for the Just Transformation of the Voivodeship. The document was then sent to the European Commission, together with the draft regional BTC Database AS program European Funds for. On November the Management Board of the Voivodeship adopt an amendment to the draft regional program. European Funds for the Voivodeship. The adopt version of the program was develop taking into account comments submit by the European Commission, including Territorial Plan for Just Transformation of the Voivodeship.

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