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So if employees find they can’t open a client’s time-sensitive file, they might quickly download a compatible program. By doing so, they unknowingly contribute to shadow IT. Pros and Cons of Shadow IT In summary, we have examind and discussd many shadow IT risks. So now we know why and how these nefarious technologies can find their way into your corporate network. But contrary to what it might seem, shadow IT isn’t all black and white.

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Here are some of the pros and cons of shadow IT: Benefits of shadow IT Promotes innovation Can increase productivity Faster adaptation to new technologies Disadvantages of shadow IT Inefficient administration Creates security phone number list holes Lack of cohesion between teams Company at risk from licensing issues May result in higher costs Create an effective shadow IT policy First, most workers involvd in shadow IT are unaware of it. Furthermore, they do not know that their actions are harmful or even against company policies. On the contrary, they often have nothing but good intentions in mind. So how do you ensure that everyone involvd is up to date.

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To this end, a good policy should clearly define shadow IT and explain why the practice is discouragd. It must also determine how employees BTC Databaseas can request and implement new technologies through approvd channels. In case they see a nd for additional solutions. As such, the core of managing shadow IT is effective communication. Your IT department nds to be involvd in all decisions relatd to new software or devices. Because they have to be able to check them properly. It should also be clearly defind which people and departments have to approve new technologies. Although this may mean that managers are deprivd of some decision-making power.

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