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My question is – should this not be extend to the employees who are exiting the company as well? Or it limit to only those who are still actively employ in the organisation? Wouldn’t any organisation want their past and present employees to be their flagbearers and ambassadors in the market? Simply because an employee is no longer associat with your organisation, should they be treat with indifference, and should they be made to feel that their contribution doesn’t matter? After all, the employee has contribut in their own way towards the growth of the company as long as they were with you. Then why do companies shy away from recognising this fact and suddenly develop cold feet.

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Why do they so easily disown an employee? Many HR gurus talk about the Employee Life cycle, which starts when someone is hir till the time he leaves the organisation. And at every stage every employee deserves to be treat with respect. Moreso when the organisation is rucing their manpower, regardless of the reasons for such a decision. We all understand the vagaries of how business works and therefore some tough Cuba Email List decisions are ne as a result of these uncertainties. But when any organisation decides to let go of employees, the least they could do is be respectful, be responsive and keep an open line of communication with the outgoing employee. Practice what you preach. Walk the Talk. And here is where a lot of workplaces fail miserably.

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Her mails went unanswer and unacknowlg.

In the instance of my friend too, unfortunately, her manager completely shut her off. None of her calls were receiv. She felt worthless, belittl and humiliat. And not just her immiate manager, all the other seniors she reach out to, were BTC Databaseas completely unresponsive. who always told her that she was an important asset to the company. backs on her and avoid her mails and calls. She felt let down, betray and abandon.

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