This 9 Awful SEO Mistakes Big Ecommerce Websites

Now you are just finished off listing hundreds of products on your e-commerce website. Yay!

It’s time to sit back, relax and see traffic floods your website.

Duh, it never happens like that.

You see, optimizing e-commerce websites for seo takes lots of work. It’s more than just adding the title and meta description. It’s way much complicated than putting the target keyword in the product page.

You face this challenge because an e-commerce site has lots of pages that need to be optimized. It affects the chances of ranking well in the search engines.

The nine mistakes below highlight the typical seo errors

Avoid these mistakes to improve the site’s ranking and increase online sales.

This kind of tactic involves overusing specific keywords or phrases in the web site’s navigation, meta title, meta description, product pages and so on.

You can clutter keywords onto a page, even if the keywords were unrelated and the site was absent of any real content.

Not anymore. You can’t manipulate a page’s ranking on google’s serp with keyword stuffing.

You may think it’s good enough to get your site rank higher in serp page. It works well in the early years of search engines.

No. It won’t happen these days.

The gods of google has wised up how to buy bulk phone numbers and began filtering out keyword-stuffed pages. This because they were mostly devoid of useful content and had a terrible user experience.

Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.

You can use long-tail keyword variations to spice things up a bit in your content.

Try implementing synonyms for words that have multiple meanings. It’s not only helping google to differentiate between word meanings but also rewarding sites that implement them.

So how do you use keyword responsibly

Due to a large number of pages on an e-commerce site, many of the products are mostly the same. These also tell that the product descriptions might be more similar to each other.

Duplicate content contributes to BTC Database AS the website’s rankings down the search engine, or your site can get sanctions.

Search engines aren’t fond of webpage content that’s been blatantly “copy and paste” from other sources.

However, when it comes to e-commerce websites, products are mostly the same – their product descriptions copywriting is much more similar to each other.

For this reason, it is crucial for website owners to analyze all pages of your websites and identifying ways to reduce redundancy.

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