Things To Consider Before Making A Decision

More and more people are having a big break becoming internet millionaires every year.

However, you might need to figure out certain aspects before jumping into the entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s start with these questions:

What are your goal to start a business.

If you are still working full time, how can you allocate time for your online business malaysia.

Are you willing to sacrifice your leisure time to put more effort to keep your business going?

By answering the aforementioned questions, you are prepping yourself mentally and physically as an entrepreneur.

This will lead to…

Determine your product and business nature
You should decide what you want to sell. There are numerous products and services you can consider.

Set up website or online store

You can opt for physical products, like beauty products, or a digital product like e-book.

Other than that, you can showcase your skills by providing services such as photography, web design and make-up artists. This is the fastest way to launch your online business.

Register your company and business business phone list with the companies commission of malaysia (ssm)
While most people think otherwise, online business is still business.

That’s why you have to treat online business seriously. Register your business with ssm to ensure you have a legal and valid business registration in malaysia.

No internet business without having a website. You can build your own website or hiring a web developer so customers can view products and make a purchase.

That’s not all. Having a fully functional website can boost your online presence.

Your credibility matters online. Customers see you as a trusted and reliable seller as they are willing to part their hard-earned money to buy your product.

Start advertising and promotions

Your malaysia online business is nowhere can be found without being known.

Having said that, you have BTC Database AS to work hard to drive visitors to your website. Understand this; 80% of your activities should be focused on marketing.

There are several ways to attract customers to your website.

If you are new and on a shoestring budget, consider social media and seo as your marketing arsenal.

If you have lots of cash to burn, go for google ads and facebooks ads.

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