These appear both on discover and in organic

Include your link in the post so it helps build your domain authority. Which leads to higher rankings.” mark stoneman mark is the founder of hello door county . The leading destination website in door county. Wisconsin. “use google web stories to grow your blog. Google web stories has driven significant traffic for my travel blog. Hellodoorcounty.Com. A destination website door county. Wisconsin. Google web stories are mia that can be tapp. Just like an instagram story. But they are host on your website and the user retains ownership of their content.

Even for younger blogs

Google does not own your stories like instagram does. These Country Email List appear both on discover and in organic results for mobile users. They are a good way. Even for younger blogs. To get thousands of page views very quickly. Here are some tips to get start using web stories for your travel blog: if you use wordpress. Install and configure the google web stories plugin. Check out some google tutorials for web stories on youtube. Create companion stories for content already written and add a call-to-action to continue reading the post.

You will be more successful during your outreach

country email list

Target keywords like you would for a blog post. BTC Database AS  But bigger . Because the barrier to entry for web stories is higher. You have a better chance of appearing for more difficult keywords.” melanie hartmann sogni_costruiti melanie hartmann is the owner of the rv travel blog. Dreams incorporat . “network with other travel bloggers and use white hat strategies to initiate backlink exchanges. You will be more successful during your outreach if you offer to write a relevant guest post or if you already have a top-notch article you would like a backlink to.” sanne wesselman sltraveling sanne is the founder and itor of spending your life traveling .

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