The solution Photoshop and

If you don’t have Photoshop, download the trial version, that’s enough for you . There is no need to buy it either because then it is better to pay for the tool that generates the cover. We are not going to undress a saint for a hundred… Right? So, to give you an idea, P has a catalog of Photoshop Actions that turn a design into a cool 3D composition . Take a look at this one, for example: Ebook Cover Image Damn, don’t tell me that apart from the model’s face, which cost me my life to accept my invitation for the photo that had to come from Hollywood and everything, the thing is nothing to be amazed at how cool it looks… And I lower the quality of the images by a bit! (not on my face, but to upload them to the blog). Wow, what a mess I am. Out with this paragraph.


The conclusion is simple: [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]If you want to achieve something from Google you have to ask. After top industry data the payment ones are discarded, you will find a solution.[/piopialo] I’ll take this opportunity, while I’m here, to tell you another little thing that you see in the video and that’s really cool: the Photoshop plugin that Shutterstock just launched . Great because you can select the images directly from Photoshop, see how they look and, when you find what you like, buy or license the photo. So cool! Between those two little things, like a child with a lollipop that I kept and, of course, crazy to share it with you… What did you think of the trick? Did you know him? How do you generate those types of images? Have you ever looked for the solution to this problem?

The need: that they look cool

So clear. The need is that they are very widespread and look great when you put it in a sidebar, in a popup, in a side slider or wherever you think of putting it. The fact is that if your Lead Magnet is an ebook then you  BTC Database AS will want this type of image. TRUE? The Problem: what is easy costs money So I, who wanted to put an ebook image in the Landing of, started looking for online tools , tutorials and, in short, quick and easy ways to create images of this type. Did you know? What an odyssey. ¡AlmostThey all ask you to pay!

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