How to find the perfect CMO

However. If the innovation of the product or service drives the ne for it. Marketing is focus on commercialization and sales. Which should be heavily highlight in the cmo role. No matter what cmo type is hir. The focus should be on growth and the capabilities of technology (just think about how automation is changing marketing). What’s the impact of digitization? It’s not just organizational nes that shape the cmo role. The way consumers make decisions and purchase is more complex now as a result of digitization. The modern cmo must match the changing trends and technological advances to make effective campaigns and data-bas decisions. Being reactive to the market is key to marketing success and this involves analyzing vast quantities of data within the marketing process to extract value and refine strategy. the perfect CMO.

Where there were once mass advertising campaigns

Where there were once mass advertising campaigns like direct mail or radio advertising that aim for the broad reach of a single audience. Ad targeting such as on social networks or google allows marketers to target their audience and turn the marketing function into a wealth of knowlge to be us around the business. The rise of the internet and preference for online purchasing such as social commerce and web-bas searches have driven businesses to consider new types of relationship special dataSpecial Database, Special Marketing Database, Targeted Database,Special Database, Special Marketing Database, Targeted Database, marketing. An emphasis is now plac on the perceiv ‘value’ by the consumer that cmos must match without eating into their organization’s bottom line. Cmos ne to not only consider short-term campaigns to drive revenue but the long-term perception of the organization. ‘going viral’ for the wrong reasons since digitization can cost a company immensely and allows for a greater fallout that damages overall perception.

than ever for maintaining the company imag

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To rebuild from this is even more costly so cmos are responsible. Now more than ever for maintaining the company image. With the ability for consumers to publicly scrutinize online also comes the conscious customer who places an emphasis on corporate social responsibility to buy from ethical and sustainable organizations. Influencers. Bloggers. And user-generat content act as competition as well BTC Database AS as influence the reputation of an organization. And a cmo must understand how to navigate this minefield. What does the future hold for the cmo? Changing consumer attitudes and the requirement for constant reinvention show the ne for cmos and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. As the marketing focus shifts from ‘selling’ to engagement and creating relationships with consumers. Personaliz communication is the key to opening this dialogue. Doing this requires mining data from channels such as social mia and analyzing it in relation to business strategy. the perfect CMO.

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