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Tool as any computaOn August the Spanish data protection authority AEPD publish its decision in Proceing No. PS in which it impos a fine of subsequently ruc to on Holaluz Clidom S.A. for violating the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR following an individuals complaint.Background to the decisionThe complainantOn August  Authority for Personal Data Processing ANSPDCP announc its decision in which it impos a fine of and a corrective measure on Uipath SRL for violations of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR following a data cation.Background to the decision.

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The ANSPDCP notOn August the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society publish a Royal Decree determining organizations that are exempt from data controllers obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act PDPA. In particular the Royal Decree enters into force days after its official publication in the Official Gazette on January .The Royal Decree provides tOn August the Future of Privacy Forum Bulk SMS Myanmar FPF  fil its written comments with the Feral Trade Commission FTC regarding the use of the PrivacyProtective Facial Age Estimation technology as a mechanism for obtaining verifiable parental consent under the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act Rule COPPA Rule.Notably the FPFThe National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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NIST releas on August its draft report titl Mapping Relationships Between Documentary Standards Regulations Frameworks and Guidelines Developing Cybersecurity and Privacy Concept Mappings draft document and is requesting public comments on the same.Noting the challenge for organizaOn August the Unit States District Court of the District of Columbia publish Civil Action No. Stephen Thaler v. Register of Copyrights and Btc Databaseas Direct of the Unit States Copyright Office. In particular the District Court highlight that T Creativity to have generat a piece of virtualBy Community Team October st Here are the featur projects for the week which appear on the front page of SourceForge.net Peace Equalizer interface Equalizer APO Peace equalizer is a.

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