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methods, income can start to grow in just a few months. 8. earn a few tens or hundreds per month. There are several reasons for this, which I have covered in my other posts. The most typical problem is regularity and the fact that you write about many different topics. New bloggers learn from old bloggers and since those who have blogged for 10-15 years can write about anything, new bloggers think that they can write about anything too. According to research, however, precisely defined blog topics bring the best readers and income, because readers are committed to a certain topic and want to know and learn more about it.  very convincing blog coach myself if, in addition to blogging, I had talked about raising a cat, being bullied at school, yoga, jogging and being single.

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A blogger can make money with his blog in several different ways . referral or affiliate marketing . Many bloggers new data are afraid to monetize their own blog at the beginning, so they write content for the blog for 6 months – 16 months and then think about monetizing the blog. However, the problem here is that if the readers are used to not selling anything on the blog, they might be shocked when the first commercial collaboration or advertising link appears on the blog.  you to monetize your blog 1-2 months after starting the blog . With consistent and correct monetization, a blog can start producing from 1,000 euros to even 10,000 euros in the first year. 9.

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What is written in the blog? In theory, you can write whatever the blogger wants in the blog. But it is important to remember that if you want readers, the text must also be interesting for the reader. Writing only about the blogger himself does not necessarily attract readers. I personally recommend always thinking about how you can help others with your own text, thoughts, teachings and tips. As I mentioned earlier, each blog topic should be defined precisely. That is, write about one topic in one blog BTC Database AS post. In this way, the whole remains logical and it is easier for readers to follow the blog as a whole. Typically, the first blog post is the biggest headache for new bloggers.

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