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Personal data without legal basis in violation of Articles and of the GDPR. Additionally the ANSPDCP stat that Body Line had fail to comply with the complainants request to delete the recording from  mia pages in direct breach of Article of the GDPR. The ANSPDCP also fault Bodyissemination of the video in contravention of Articles and of the GDPR. Outcomes In light of the above the ANSPDCP impos a fine of on Body Line. Additionally the ANSPDCP order the company to implement corrective measures including.

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Removing the complainants personal data from their social mia posts implementing suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of data processing and enhancing GDPR compliance by preventing any illicit excessive or unauthoriz use of personal data. You can read Bulk SMS Cambodia the press release only available in Romanian here.On August the German Data Protection Conference DSK publish on its website the Independent Data Protection Supervisory Authorities of Feral  Health Data Use.In particular the Lnder not that Article of the draft bill amends the provisions of the Feral Data Protection Act BDSG by giving theOn August the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee TC request public comments on.

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The draft National Standard Information Security Technology Data Security Risk Assessment Method the draft Standard.ScopeThe draft Standard outlines its function as a guide applicable to data processors and thirdparty assessThe Brazilian Data Protection Authority ANPD releas on August its report on the regulatory agenda for to . The report contains priority themes for its reference period and provides Btc Databaseas an overview of ongoing projects and accomplishments reflecting the ANPDs commitment to safeguarding data privacy. Moreover the report provides that monitoring the agenda aims to provide broad transparency and visibility to these initiatives to.

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