The Evolution of the CMO – What’s Next?

Digitization has refin marketing while the popularity of social mia. User-generat content. And influencers has meant the marketing functions of organizations have had to adapt. In fact. Nearly half of senior marketers report their role has chang over the past two years while 53 percent are spending significantly more on digital marketing channels according to ‘the marketing evolution: leadership. Transformation. Skills. Challenges & the future’ research. As a result. The role of a chief marketing officer (cmo) is becoming increasingly important to businesses as new platforms and ways to engage or build relationships with consumers emerge and customers expect more from brands

The start of cmos as company

Whilst this greater reach allows for the untapp potential for marketers. It also means increasing expectations of the consumer with more competition than ever before. So with so much change and responsibility for growth on the cmo’s shoulder. What does the future hold for this position and why is it constantly changing? The start of cmos as company-wide marketing evolv out of individual departments. The cmo role was born with a focus on advertising. Market research. And brand management. In recent years. The most noticeable change in the marketing function as a whole is the switch from ‘selling’ to building relationships. Where cmos us to focus on campaigns that made people want what was being sold.

Particularly as consumer behavior changes

Now it’s about the consumer and adapting to what they – in other words. Customer experience (cx). There were also fewer marketing platforms and channels to use. With limit sources of data and a strong emphasis on advertising. Of all the c-suite positions. The role of the cmo has evolv the most and is often “the most misunderstood and underappreciat” according to kimberly whitler. A marketing professor at the university of virginia’s darden school of business. Today’s cmos have a variety of responsibilities and a strategic input. Particularly as consumer behavior changes and marketing becomes more about revenue and lead generation. Why choose dmi?

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