The average value of the purchase made

You can analyze it and observe (separately) what percentage of visitors come from social networks , E-mail Marketing, search engines, links that direct to your pages, direct visitors, etc. This way, it is easy to determine which strategies are most suitable The average for your business! Bounce rate This indicator measures the number of users who access the website and leave it without visiting other pages. When reports report a high bounce rate , it could be that your website has issues with usability, design, etc. If your goal is for the visitor to stay on a single page , you can ignore this high rate.

The importance of paid and organic

This plan result in a 46% increase in organic conversions , and a 1116% growth in opportunities when comparing the last half of 2022 with new database the first half of 2023. In the same period, we quintupl the number of users on the blog , jumping from 6,536 users in the previous period to 32,650 in the first half of 2023. But that wasn’t all! 10x more leads via email As we increasingly understand the public’s preferences, we put together E-mail Marketing strategies for closer contact with them. Therefore, we distribute valuable materials and offers, always focusing on the quality of the content and the stage of the funnel.

After defining the most important keywords

new base

The result? We generat a 300% increase in conversions and a 950% increase in new opportunities ! It may seem obvious that an increase in the number of leads also causes an improvement in email results. After all, the purchasing journey is the same. But this is BTC Database AS where Inbound Marketing work stands out, as there is a new stage in the journey , on a new channel, with its own challenges. Note that the number of opportunities grew much more than the number of conversions. This means that the content journey was able to not only drive the lead , but mainly transform it into a business opportunity.

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