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Target keywords By comparing the different leads capturd and stord in the database, you can discover which pages are most visitd or which content is most read by a specific buyer persona and optimize them accordingly to improve performance. Hotjar Hotjar is a fairly new platform that has revolutionizd the analytics industry just like Hubspot did with the world of digital marketing. hotjar buyer journey analysis Hotjar offers the possibility of generating the so-calld heat maps (which you see in the image taken from the website), but also recording the visitor’s mouse movements, creating user surveys, all in a single platform.

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Here are some of the key features that can help you identify the buyer’s journey and make it more engaging, maximizing wedding photo editing service conversions. Heat map: the tool maps the visitor’s movements with the mouse, where it stops, scrolling activity and provides tangible evidence of interactions with site elements such as buttons, mouse movements within a page, percentage of users who scroll to the bottom of the pages. This data is very important to understand where to place calls to action and forms to fill out, because if no one sees them they cannot do their job. Recordings: the simple mapping of scrolls, movements and clicks is already quite valuable, but imagine how useful it can be to visit the company.

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Website through the eyes of your visitors! Hotjar provides the recording tool which allows you to watch the users’ browsing path.Create the prospect’s ideal path on the site Once you’ve identifid buyer personas, performd research, and analyzd your data, you should have a clearer idea of ​​how to position content in the prospect’s journey on the site. For each phase of the buyer journey, the following must be defind: Site-specific pages Landing page Premium BTC Database AS content type After this activity, you will also review the site architecture, internal link structure, and information flow on each page. In conclusion, with an inbound approach to site design.

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Overall site traffic Check content allow potential customers to be increasingly ucat, accompanying. Them towards the purchasing decision. Continue reading the article […]

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