Submit the application form and supporting documents

You will need to complete and submit the form together with all the supporting documents.

If your application is approved, you may proceed to the next step.

Step 3: pay the difference of the total invoice after deducting the subsidised amount

By doing this, your company will be able to provide proof of payment to a bank branch.

When the bank receives the proof of payment, direct payment of 50% of the total invoice amount or up to rm 5,000.00 to the service provider by the bank.

Why should sme apply for the sme grant?
Sme grant malaysia
Changes are inevitable as time passes by. In the world of business, this is very much the case.

Days of advertising your business on newspaper or radio are now considered as ‘traditional’ methods in this modern era.

With the sme grant in malaysia, you are now a few steps away from embracing the digital marketing world.

When you compare digital marketing to a more traditional

Back then, smes had difficulties to bring some competition to bigger businesses mainly because of the traditional marketing method.

To advertise on platforms such as tv, radio, newspaper, and more costs a fortune. Big companies have always made good use of this because they are financially strong.

However, with digital marketing, sme’s and big corporations are in the same field.

This method is more budget-friendly and the best part is the audience is larger.

So, yes, your sme business can now compete with the big boys.

2. Target ideal customers
Sme grant malaysia
Rather than randomly promoting your product to the public, digital marketing has the capability to identify your potential buyers.

It is impossible to target people with the phonelist traditional method because it’s like waiting for the luck of the draw.

In contrast to digital marketing, you are in control because you get to target customers specifically.

Using tactics such as seo, facebook ads, and google ads, you can reach out to your ideal audience effectively.

Thirdly you can observe your progress with digital marketing

After you invest your money, surely, you want to see results or at least positive progress.

This will allow you to strategise and make business decisions in a more effective way.

Your business can always make BTC Database AS improvements and run better campaigns.

4. Flexible to make changes
Sme grant malaysia
With the traditional method, you have to be careful before spending on advertising.

This is because it is almost impossible to make changes once you have advertised.
Ultimately, the main goal of running a business is to get results.

The chance to achieve that is higher with the digital marketing method.

Your conversion rate can be improved massively because of your ability to target specific leads.

Hence, this increases your chances and as a result, your company gains more conversions.

With this grant, you will find your business moving in the right direction.

So, which agency should you turn to.

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