Stir your targeted audiences emotion with trailer

The good news is you can imitate our strategies to run a successful facebook ads campaign, whether:

You are new to ecommerce business…

Had run ads but encounter tons of pitfalls and frustrations…

You got money to spend on fbads but hesitate to launch ads yet.

This, my friend, a step-by-step guide to walk you through to the facebook ads’ utopian land.

Get your website up and running (and ready to make money)
This was our numero uno priority; build a website.

Not just any website.

It’s a website that sells. An ecommerce website.

Built with technical know-how, sculpted with marketing sleight of hands.

Understand this: your website is your ultimate virtual store.

 Even when you are driving your kids to school

Sales are made on almost autopilot.

So we made sure the client’s website followed this ecommerce website checklist.

How a movie trailer has something to do with launching a facebook ad campaign?

Have you seen the avengers?

Did you know how long the buy phone leads movie built the anticipation before being released?

Did you know how to get people to rave about the movie… unconsciously led them to line up in the queue to watch the movie?

It took 3 to 7 months to create a mass attraction.

The avengers production uses movie trailers to show the snippet of the movie scenes before being released.

It is an effective marketing strategy for any hollywood movie

The same goes for your facebook marketing.

You can’t expect people to buy BTC Database AS from you when they are not reeling with excitement to open their wallets (or swipe the app).

So, this is what you do;

Kicked off by an intentional (or unintentional) pre-phase ad campaign which consisted of growing and warming up an audience.

Create a teaser in the form of images or video ads. Launch it in 7 to 14 days period.

In the ad, tell your audience you will launch something enormously big.

Ask for their email address so you can notify them in the email or on facebook posts.

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