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While this is a common point for all generations , the difference is that Generation 2. It’s real life, not #TheBestLife This generation seems less concerned. With representing themselves online through filters, and instead uses social media. To support the various roles of real life, friendship, family, entrepreneurial people and more. The information, content, advice and support offered by social networks. Act as a kind of facilitator of these roles.

Respondents spoke of the vicarious pleasure

Respondents with adult children described using platforms to category email list continue parenting. Long after their children have left home, and many respondents spoke of the vicarious. Pleasure they get from learning about their friends’ lives on social media. 3. It is a time machine. And a box of memories Connecting with friends, looking at photos from the past, or joining memorial groups are some of the motivations.

It is a time machine and a box of memories

Behind Generation X’s nostalgia on social media. «Social BTC database networks. Play a vital role for Generation X as externalized memory. It is a phone book, an address book, a photo album and a diary, all in one, with the advantage of being collective and shareable.” They point out from the report. 4. Every day “the book closes” Generation X grew up before the Internet, and has transferred customs to the virtual world.

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