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 Funnel? To explain how to carry out an analysis based on the marketing funnel, at least one new article would be necessary. However, we can tell you that there is no standard formula applicable to all situations, each case has its own peculiarities. What does it mean? To understand the behavior of users who browse your website, depending on the objectives you intend to achieve, we can say that there are 2 macro analyzes that can be activated: user experience analysis ; web analytics analysis . The first takes into consideration all those dynamics that concern user behavior during navigation, for example heat maps, qualitative

Search Results Shown to Us Are Those That Come

 behavior data and study of calls to action. But not only. This phase also includes the analysis of the performance of our website or e-commerce: is the site fast? Is there room for improvement? The second instead examines all the navigational data of the site, both quantitative and qualitative, leaving nothing to chance  b2b email list   . This category also includes the analysis of abandoned carts or statistics linked to advertising campaigns or the sending of DEMs. Clearly the outcome of the macro analyzes will bring with it potential technical, graphic or commercial changes tha

emake sure your content is heard before everyone else! Spotify SEO: what it is and why you should care Whether you are a podcast or playlist author, you should know how to promote yourself “for free” within the platform by following a few small rules: we are talking about Spotify SEO. But what is it exactly? In simple words, it is a set of   BTC Database AS   optimization strategies and techniques that allow you to improve the position of a podcast or song within Spotify’s internal search engine, thus promoting visibility and increasing the number of stream. You will discover h

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