Review the Key Factors to Have a Safe and Solid Website

Web security involves investing in actions and solutions focused on guaranteeing data protection. Review the To achieve that goal, keep WordPress updated, use strong passwords, set up user profiles, make security backups, and prefer two-step authentication. Of course, you want your Digital Marketing strategy to generate greater income. However, you cannot ignore web security. In fact, you can already say that, without adequate resources, your pages are more subject to hacker attacks and all the implications that that brings. 

Review the How Can You Keep Your Website Secure

There are good practices that help increase email contact list website security. Below we list some tips related to them. Making sure all software is up to date is crucial to keeping your website secure. This applies to the server’s operating system and any software you are running on the website, such as a CMS . Remember that hackers exploit web security gaps on the site to carry out attacks. However, if you are using a hosting solution , you do not have to worry about making these security updates, as it is the responsibility of the contracted company.

What Plugins Can Be Used for Word Press Security

When looking at how to create a blog, you also BTC Database AS need to understand how you can improve your web security and what tools can help. This is the case of plugins. We will show the main ones in the next topics. The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is free and one of the best for all users of the platform. It is a security suite intended to complement the security already existing on the site. It offers users a number of web security features that help make the site more secure.

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