So if you’re considering where to advertise

It seems clear that you’ll get better results by investing in your presence on Google than on Yelp. This is why investing in Google through SEO, content marketing and PPC is much more valuable than advertising on Yelp. YELP USES A QUESTIONABLE ALGORITHM TO SORT REVIEWS Your business works hard. Provide excellent customer Chinese Overseas America Number Data service and then get legitimate reviews from them. Yet, many reviews are moved to the bottom of your page. Under very small text that says “Other reviews that are not currently recommended.” While Yelp maintains its algorithm, no amount of evidence that the customer is legitimate or the history of the profile who posted the review matters.

Many businesses find that their positive reviews

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Appear in the “Other Reviews Not Currently Recommended” section when they pay for advertising. Their negative reviews pop up when they no longer pay for advertising. The Daily Show aired a segment on this question: Is Yelp extorting businesses? It looked at one small business’s claim that its overall rating increases when it pays for advertising Denmark WhatsApp Number List and decreases when it does not pay for advertising. Other small businesses have made similar claims. There seems to be no rhyme or reason why reviews end up at the top of Yelp profiles, as some of them may have been left years before. While Yelp’s algorithm has withstood legal challenges, that doesn’t make it a fair and respectable way to do business and calls into question the limited data you get once you run an ad.


When you invest money, it doesn’t necessarily do anything to improve your organic rankings on the platform. On the contrary, when you invest in Google, increased traffic to your site helps your SEO. And driving traffic to specific keywords through paid targeting can support your organic efforts. Organic advertising and Google pay-per-click advertising go hand in hand to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. YELP LACKS DETAILED STATS AND INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR LISTINGS Even if you are a paying customer, you only receive information about impressions and clicks. It’s difficult to understand what the user does after that and attribute the lead to Yelp. So, even though you have spent money on the company, it does little to tell you where that money went or how spent.

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