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While all of this is extremely important to ensure we create a positive environment, there is a trap we can fall into and that is what sometimes we put so much attention on what we give to others that we can forget ourselves in the process. of always putting yourself first and remembering that if our inner world is not well, it doesn’t matter how positive our environment is. We must achieve a balance between the two, but to do so, step one is choosing ourselves above anything else. So, you may be wondering, how do I choose myself? Firstly, you must start by looking at yourself, recognizing who you are, and celebrating every part of yourself.

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When was the last time you did something like this? We may think that getting to know ourselves is a natural process because how can you not know yourself if you are the one in charge of your life? However, many times Algeria Email List we act without even thinking about it. We move almost by inertia, and we make decisions based on what the world has told us we want and need. And that is how, little by little, we lose our essence. That’s why to know how to choose yourself.

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Yourself again. You must question what you like, all the decisions you have made, and the thoughts and emotions you experience. It’s not about invalidating them, on the contrary, it’s about facing them to identify how BTC Databaseas real they are and how many live in our minds. Some questions you could ask yourself are: Does this stream which I have choose…really make me happy? , or did society influence or parental pressure force me.

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