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Practice what you preach. Walk the Talk. And here is where a lot of workplaces fail miserably. In the instance of my friend too, unfortunately, her manager completely shut her off. None of her calls we received. Her mails went unanswered and unacknowledged. She felt worthless, belittled and humiliated. And not just her immediate manager, out to, were completely unresponsive. who always told her that she was an important asset to the company. Now suddenly everyone had turned their backs on her and avoided her mails and calls. She felt let down, betrayed and abandoned.

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Conclusion Many organisations are now recognising the importance of EQ along with IQ. Please pause to think if the person you’re promoting to a people manager’s position,  capable of emotional maturity as well. Just having a degree and qualifications on paper does not make someone a great leader. Yes, you ill get Antarctica Email List the job done. Yes, you will meet targets too. But will that help you bond with your team, build trust in your team and create an environment of respect. Before you entrust someone with a team responsibility, test them on EQ as well. Let’s not build a team of insensitive managers.

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It will foster distrust and hostility. Holding a degree and having the years of experience alone does not make someone a good leader. evaluate the emotional maturity as well while considering an employee for a leadership position. It  said that people forget what you look like or won’t remember BTC Databaseas the words you spoke. remember how you made them feel. Make sure you leave beautiful imprints in people’s lives and minds. Ankita Bora empathy is not only beneficial for the individuals involved but also for the overall productivity and success of the organization.

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