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Retargeting is often seen as a negative factor for SEO. Showing search engines that you serve your customers in their preferred language can build trust with search engines. International SEO is a challenging task. Using a 302 redirect tells search engines that this is a temporary redirect and is not taken as seriously as a 301 redirect. Using a 302 redirect Vietnam Phone Number Data ensures that your site’s existing search rankings remain intact. 3. REDUCED BACK RATE Although you offer your site in different languages with a simple click of a button or selection from a drop-down list, users may bounce before reaching the language they need if you don’t use geolocation-based automatic redirection.

By helping visitors switch

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The language that suits them best, reduces bounce rates and helps users easily consume your content. Geolocation Redirection Mistakes to Avoid While geolocation redirects offer many benefits, they can also bring some inconvenience Panama Phone Number List if you don’t plan accordingly. Beware of these mistakes that may do more harm than good when retargeting users based on geolocation. Redirecting all users to the home page: If a user goes to a specific product or service page and then ends up on the home page for their language, this is not a good thing.

Make sure that all redirects go to the page

The user was trying to reach me. Using a 301 redirect: This is a more complex redirect than the preferred 302 for this use case. Google lists 302 as the preferred redirect method based on geolocation. Redirect all traffic, including internal site traffic: Some visitors travel to another country but still want to get to your site in their native language. In this case, you need to make it easier for them to navigate the version of your site they prefer. Blocking Google Bots: Most Google bots use US IP addresses, so don’t block these bots from seeing your site in other languages.

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