Search engine optimization is vital for a website because

Let’s talk about search engine optimization a.K.A seo. It is quite a mouthful per se, yet remarkably misunderstood.

Perhaps you have heard or seen this jargon before. Maybe you could grasp the meaning, but seo is the one thing that keeps you perplex by its functionality and complexity.

Lucky for you, we are generously spilling the beans on this topic so you can nod your head with complete understanding. Eventually, you will become a firm believer in seo.

Search engines have become an ever-increasing important factor in business promotion. The king of search, google receives 5.6 billion searches per day, an astonishing feat that shows the importance of search engine.

Over 95% of people use the internet to buy a product or service. It is crucial to have a website to promote businesses or services as a way to get web visitors.

How does the search engine work

Nobody wants to get unnoticed. That’s why a website’s owner would love to be on number one on google for cell phone number list their main keyword. However, it takes time and effort and perseverance. You need to optimize your website for the best chances of achieving this with search engine optimization (seo). So how you do this?

Search engine like google uses a complex mathematical formula to “rank” websites on importance and relevance to specific keywords. It discovers and catalogs all available content on the internet like web pages, pdfs, images or videos via a process known as “crawling and indexing” and the process of “ranking” will match the query.

How can search results be organic


The organic search results earn through effective seo by typing specific keyphrases on the search engine.

For example, if you search for “malaysia weather,” you’ll see a weather forecast for malaysia directly in the search BTC Database AS result pages instead of a link to a site that might have that forecast. Moreover, if you search for “seo malaysia,” you will see a “local pack” result made up of malaysia seo offices. Convenient, right?

It is important to remember that search engines make money from advertising. The goal of the search engine is to solve searcher’s queries, to encourage searchers to come back and to keep them on the search result page longer.

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