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Here you can give an example of leading manufacturers of electronics, such as smartphones or laptops. Contrary to appearances, the most expensive and most desirable are not those that have the best technical parameters (these are of interest to a handful of experts). Customers are more receptive to arguments base on the real benefits that they can experience in their everyday life thanks to the purchase of this or that device. We recommend Plan the stages of the sales process step by step When is it worth using product marketing? Much also depends on the distribution channel. Product marketing is great for sales base on social meia.

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Then you can talk about the product using graphics, tutorials, infographics or photos and videos from the production process. This attracts customers because it provides them with the right amount of touchpoints – points of contact with Latest Mailing Database the product and the brand. At the same time, you give them an increasing amount of information about the product, and customers become well informe about its advantages and more and more convince to buy. It is a bit different, for example, in B2B marketing . Business owners do not have time to compare the parameters of many competing products from different companies.

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They would probably prefer not to receive any more folders and product information. Here, active sales techniques are better, which will make it easier for them to buy. An example may be the techniques use by meical representatives selling products BTC Database AS to surgeries. Product marketing in the realities of high competition does not work as well as bonuses, priority treatment and convenient contact, strategies taken from sales marketing. Online product marketing In the real world, the distinction between brand and product is clear. The situation is slightly different in the digital reality, where the service, product and the brand behind them often form a unity.

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