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In addition, the Bay Area is famous for its coastal redwood forests, many of which are protected in state and county parks. The area is also known for its complex landforms, which is the result of millions of years of plate movement. Because there are six major earthquake faults passing through the Bay Area, the area is particularly vulnerable to the damage caused by the earthquake. The mild climate is conducive to outdoor leisure and sports activities, such as hiking, running and cycling.

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The Bay Area has 6 professional sports teams and is also a   latest database  cultural center for music, drama and art. It also has many higher education institutions, including research universities such as Stanford University and California University Berkeley. The Bay Area has 101 cities and 9 counties, and governance involves many local and regional jurisdictions, usually with broad and overlapping responsibilities.

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 History For guidelines to be arranged in chronological order, please refer to the timeline of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Orons (Ohlone ) are indigenous people in California, and they have lived in the Bay Area for thousands of years. The earliest archaeological evidence of  B2C Database AS  human residence in the Gulf District can be traced back to around 10,000 BC (Coyote Hills Shell Mound). Along the Gulf Coast, there is evidence that the settlement of Rice Point in Marin County is even earlier.

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