Promotion with a shared story

Handling business projects is undoubtedly a tedious task.

Either the business is new or already existed in the past years, nevertheless, the business owner requires help from the influencers to boost their marketing target sales.

The two types of influencers; macro-influencers and micro-influencers apply different marketing approaches to their audiences.

Celebrities and models are known as macro-influencers as they have a larger number of audiences on their social media.

Thus, it is understandable for them to accept a line of famous products only from the world-wide companies.

Micro-influencers, however, have secured a specific target audience.

Although the audience is relatively a small circle of audience, it is an advantage for them.

They can keep the engagement alive and focus on the demands of the audience. It proves that micro-influencers have a better understanding about the audiences and the products that they chose.

Here are the ways how micro-influencers can increase your revenue

Social media postings are important to create brand products awareness. Uploading several pictures in a post cannot necessarily increase the revenue of a business.

Thus, grab this golden opportunity and start to approach any micro-influencer!


Micro-influencers are knowledgeable in certain telemarketing lists niches, hence, the quality of your product is what matters the most!

Micro-influencers are unexpectedly powerful on social media platforms.

Take an example, they are working hard on their social media like tiktok by not only posting a short video.

They apply only suitable hashtags on their posting so that the engagement between them and viewers is intact and lively.

2. Maximize user-generated content (ugc)
Tiktok is a great example of user-generated content (ugc) social media platform after instagram.

Knowing how it works, micro-influencers let their mind speak rather than solely promoting the products on their social media.

Their opinions on a product will soon be valued by other social media users which can create product awareness.

Also, it strengthens the authenticity regarding the product due to the other customers’ experiences.

The engagement from both sides; micro-influencers and social media users are beneficial to the business.

People are not only recognizing the existence of the brand or products, but they also acknowledge others’ opinions and the product’s best quality.

Remember the main difference between macro-influencers and micro-influencers

Although they are in different social ranks, the combination of the engagement between them is relatively astounding!

The engagement from both parties create a well-reserved engagement and drive up the authenticity of a product.

One’s review might support the other’s as they give an honest opinion regarding your product.

The synergy of the engagement from the two different social ranks are complementing each other and soon its publicity regarding the product may reach its peak.

4. Promotion with a shared story
Relying on promotion is not good enough to BTC Database AS boost your marketing revenue. Yes, people acknowledge the promotion but they are not interested in it.

Well, not until they witness the true story of the promotion.

You read it right. People are more intrigued into the stories of the product than the product on its own.

Micro-influencers tend to practice this technique in their social media.

They make short videos while telling a story of their “journey” using the product.

Trial kits, honest reviews and the end-result of using the product- these are all the stories that micro-influencers will share on their social media like tiktok ads.

As tiktok mainly encourages its users to produce videos; long or short, people prefer to watch the videos on tiktok.

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