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In this sense, the Wavemaker report shows that only one in ten people (13%) feel represented in the advertising they see, a figure much lower than that of the younger generations , although significantly higher than that of the Baby Boomers (60-75 years), with only 9%. As the report details, by neglecting this group, brands are neglecting a multi-trillion-dollar market, and Generation X is more loyal to brands, making them more valuable than younger consumers.

The professional points out that when it comes

In the words of Zoe Bowen-Jones, Senior Insight Director at industry email list Wavemaker: “Generation “Our studies indicate that Generation In addition, the professional points out that when it comes to attracting the Gen “they feel represented,” he concludes. Four key behaviors As Pam Kaufman , CEO & President International Markets, Global Consumer Products & Experiences at Paramount, says, “We have incredible.

Generation uses social media

Movies and series that have defined pop BTC database culture conversations for generations, from Top Gun to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . Generation _ They know and love them,” he says. 1. Social networks are the new “town square” As the report notes, the desire to connect is the main reason why Generation X uses social media, regardless of the platform they use. Members of Generation That is, they use social media as a “town square” to chat about what interests them, buy and sell, as well as entertain themselves or serve their local community.

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