Possibility of going viral

A great advertising video can go from zero to thousands of views (even millions!) within a day.

But how?

Different from many other platforms, the authenticity of tiktok content brings a breath of fresh air to the social media realm.

Users are illegitimately immersed in new content without having to follow specific users or search for content.

Tiktok collates content for its users and displays it on the for you page based on their interaction with videos.

Consequently, they are able to discover remarkable content and your brand gets to amplify new audiences with minimal effort.


Audience is everything. Without them, you waste time and money. With a massive and constantly growing audience, tiktok is the best place for you to advertise.

It is no secret that the generations of digital natives conquering tiktok are gen zs and millennials.

But a common misconception about the platform

And while 41% of tiktok is made of users from this age group, this means the remaining 59% of the users are from gen x and boomers.

There is a very ostensible opportunity for you to advertise to millennials as they are the most active users across all social media platforms.

However, with 59% of users outnumbering the younger generations, there is a higher probability for your brand to reach other niches and demographics through tiktok ads.

5. Lenient policy

Ever noticed the difference between tiktok ads and facebook ads?

A lot of facebook ads are unstimulating and dull. But why are tiktok ads the complete opposite?

For the most part of it, tiktok’s advertising telemarketing leads policy is not as stringent as facebook’s with tedious limitations, guidelines, and restriction rules.

As tiktok is all about entertainment and enjoyment, an ad doesn’t look like an ad.

Each ad is distinctively created to cater to the platform to give the ultimate user experience that tiktok offers to all its users.

6. Non-competitive rivalry

While facebook and instagram are oversaturated with a myriad types

Commercials due to their size, your business is swamped with a goldmine of opportunities on tiktok.

As tiktok is a relatively new marketing platform, you don’t have to sweat about getting your spot.

Tiktok is not nearly as saturated as facebook BTC Database AS and instagram hence, there’s no intense rivalry among brands fighting over advertising slots.

And since there are lesser ads on tiktok, it’s easier to be outstanding and reach out to your audience.

Tiktok ads format

As tiktok ads appear in users’ feeds, you definitely want to make effective use of them to ensure that users actively engage with your content.

In strategizing your gameplan, there are different formats and features that you must know of when advertising on tiktok.

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