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What information can you see from your mobile app? Take a look at all the available features: recent highlights You can see which posts, stories, or Reels are working for your audience in Recent Highlights. Simply put, if there’s a significant spike in any of your posts, Recent Featured is the place to watch it. It will show you if you have top performing posts that seem to get more engagement and by how much within your set time frame, 30 days or 90 days. Description If you want to get a holistic idea of ​​your account performance, you can do it in Summary. You can compare 90-day data.

Therefore,  What’s Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights is only available to users . Who have a public profile: a creator or a business account. If you have a private account. A  you can switch to a public account to view your analytics. You can use Instagram Insights to track the performance of individual posts and Reels and see when your audience is most active or what type of content seems to work well with them. Therefore,  For now, this feature is only available on the Instagram mobile app. As we just mentioned, Instagram Insights is only  latest database available to public account holders. Here’s where to find Instagrm.  Insights on your mobile app: Open your profile and tap Professonal Dashboard You can also tap the three parallel lines in the top corner of your profile and select Get info Or, you can also select a specific post and click View Stats for that specific post Instagram Insights in your account will be available for the last 90 days. You will only be able to see statistics for the time you have been using a creator/business profile.

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Instagram Insights is a set of metric tools offered

You can also tap into each of these metrics and get a big picture of where your audience is from (cit country), their age, and gender demographics. The overview also gives you access to the breakdown of followers and unfollowers. You can also take a look at  BTC Database AS the top performing Reels, Posts, and Stories with saves, shares, replies, likes, and comments for each of them. Content you shared If you want to see metrics for each of your individual posts, stories, or Reels, you can do so below each post. See the number of shares, saves, comments, and likes you receive. Plus, get access to the total number of accounts your post reaches. And get a break of followers and unfollowers too.

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