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information about the  Plays an Essential  listeners, dividing them into sections: public where a timeline shows us the total number of listeners, listens and followers; source of streams, which shows the various Spotify sources from which the listens come. (artist profile or playlist for example); age, Gender, Top Countries and Top Cities to discover listener data; TheAudiences on Spotify for Artists are constantly evolving. Spotify for Podcasters: from analysis to interaction From a podcast

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perspective at the same time it existsSpotify for Podcasters, ideal for achieving the best results and obtaining all the insights necessary for an in-depth analysis that allows us to improve visibility. Thanks to the analysis of the results, it is possible to identify opportunities for improvement and “correction  business database    of the aim” of the strategies adopted. By doing so, it is possible to adapt to an increasingly changing and competitive environment, ensuring success in the medium to long term. But that is not all! It is possible to create polls from the web app, thanks to

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outhow Spotify Advertising works. Spotify for Artists: Analyz BTC Database AS your results and adapt your strategies accordingly Analyzing results and adapting strategies accordingly are fundamental elements for the success of any business. As far as artists are concerned, measuring the success of the actions undertaken is the first step to understanding whether the desired results are being achieved. In this regard the appSpotify for artistsallows you to have a lot of

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