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 [24] The Oren people have eight main branches, four of which are based in the Gulf District: the Cadgins ( the south bank of the Kaine’s Strait ), the Gochenio ( most of the East Bay ), La Meatus ( Most of the San Francisco Peninsula ))<. There are two main groups of people in the Mitok Bay Area: the Baymiwalker ( Contra Costa ) and the Coast Miwok ( Marin and Sonoma ). In 1776, Francisco Palo ( Francisco Palou) founded the San Francisco Assis Missionary Church (Mission San Francisco de Assis), the first Spanish settlement in the Bay Area.

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The first European sovereignty claim against the area occurred in June 1579, when Sir Francis Drake    special data  landed in Drax Bay near Cape Reyes. Although he claimed for Queen Elizabeth I that the area was New Albion or New Albion, the British did not immediately follow up this claim. [25] [26] [27] In November 1595, the Spanish expedition led by Sebastian Rodriguez Solomon also landed in the Gulf of Drax and declared The area is declared by King Philip II of Spain as the port of San Francisco.

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[28] [29] [30] During the conquest of California in the United States in 1846, General Vallejo inspected the California Army San Francisco Bay itself and was not discovered by Europeans until 1769. Members of the Portola expedition traveled along the California coastal that time, the bay prevented them from  B2C Database AS  continuing their journey north. [31] In 1806, the Spanish expedition led by Gabriel Moraga(G1>Gabriel Moraga) departed from Presidio, sailed south of the Gulf, and then explored the San Joaquin Valley to the east.

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