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If at any of the stages you turn to such a client with your offer, there is a chance that he will choose your solution over others. Or they may decide to buy something they had planne to postpone or weren’t sure if it would happen at all. Prospecting allows you to turn a person who is not yet thinking about buying into a potential buyer. It significantly increases the chances that the transaction will actually take place. Prospecting The proof of the effectiveness of prospecting can be thousands of call-centres scattere around the world and focuse on one thing: reaching potential customers.

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Of course, there are other prospecting methods today . We recommend Customer journey: what is it and how to create it? Prospecting – methods and techniques Prospecting is very often base on building a contact base and on direct database conversations. The level of conversion increases with how close you are to the potential customer you contact. The least effective is sending template cold emails to completely random people. Even here the message opening rate is very low and it is difficult to talk about real sales support . It is similar with calling . all persons from the telephone book.


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It’s a bit better when you call or write to people from the subject base. The success of such a project depends on: the quality and BTC Database AS validity of the database, individual approach, adjusting the offer to the nees and expectations of potential customers. Personalize prospecting is even more effective – you send a personal e-mail to each person or decide to meet face-to-face. This takes the most time, but brings the best results. In the era of meetings on Zoom or Skype, as well as tools for planning and sending e-mails, this process can be automate and accelerate to some extent. Use your lead base Some people associate prospecting only with cold emails or telemarketing.

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