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Can there be Empathy in the Workplace? Hema Iyer Hema Iyer DhyaniMani MAR , , : IST “My company has given me months’ notice and has ask me to leave”, my friend one day call me frantically. She was in tears as she spoke to me. I maintain my composure and ask her “Are you getting any severance pay from your company?”. “No”, she said with a lot of anger. We had a long conversation on how the events unfold and how it reach this point that the company had to let her go. I then said to her, “I am sure your HR and reporting manager will be standing by you in these tough times”. She again repli in the negative. I was shock. I didn’t know how to react to this.

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I had so many emotions going through me – anger, frustration, despair, helplessness, disappointment. And this brought me to an important question: Is there no Empathy at the Workplace? Is it possible to be empathetic China Email List in the Workplace? Are employees only consider as assets as long as they are contributing and when they quit, they don’t deserve to be treat with respect and dignity? What is Empathy? Let’s first try to understand this term. This term is us to describe a wide range of experiences. Emotion researchers generally define Empathy as the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupl with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling.

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Sympathy is when you feel pity

I think it suffices to say that it’s like putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and trying to understand what they might be going through. We should not confuse this with Sympathy. It is definitely not Sympathy.  for someone BTC Databaseas a helpless child begging on the streets, you feel bad. You feel pity.  we do not show pity, when we show understanding for someone’s emotions or troubles. If you feel pitiful at someone’s situation.

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