Online Shopping Malaysia Miscellaneous Items

Shopping for what you want has never been this easy. Thanks to online shopping websites, you can buy what you want with just a few clicks.

We’ve looked into top sites in malaysia for anything that you want. From clothes to electronics or any household items, we got them for you.

In this article, we have gathered 21 top online shopping websites in malaysia.

All items are gathered here. You might find your favourite t-shirt and even that viral thermomix!

Founded in 2011, by rocket residential phone numbers internet se, it has grown to become one of the most popular online spots where sellers and buyers can trade.

Lazada is a third party to guarantee delivery to buyer and payment to the seller – and if there is any scam involved, the customer service is always there for you.

With enormous discounts vouchers and sometimes free shipping, customers are flocking into lazada as it becomes one of the most talked online shopping websites.

Established in 2016 by mp cj enm sdn bhd by focusing on home shopping business.

The company is a joint venture between media prima berhad, which why the reason you can see ads and program dedicated to promoting household items from cj wow shop on any media prima’s channel.

As of now it remains one of the popular


Superbuy is a place if you want something authentic in a very good price range. There are tons of quality products you can purchase here.

Online shopping made easy with superbuy. You can search for any kind of products with fast delivery service.

With 74,000 + visitors from malaysians, it is one of the trusted online platforms you should never miss out.
One of the top leading e-commerce in malaysia and asian region. With over 10 million downloads from android devices, it is now available on the palm of your hands.

You can also use shopee coins to get more benefits.

Browse over products from 3 million sellers. Shopee is one online shopping centre that is secure, easy and fuss-free.

Another place for you to shop for any fashionable

With its feature “buy for me and ship for me” you can get a purchasing agency to assist you in purchasing anything from china.
Get that viral frying pan from this website. Step up your games in managing your households with various items to help your house squeaky clean.

Or upgrading your cooking skills. Now you BTC Database AS can get any gadgets that you had been eyeing from astro go shop channels 118, 120 & 303.
Need help with your smartphones? Here is the place for you to find solutions for your phones that you might have.

Not only smartphones but tablets, laptops, cameras, phone accessories, car accessories, movies and games, home appliances and any other gadgets you can get there.

One of the guarantees is “if the product(s) is damaged on arrival, we shall replace it at no additional charges”, for sure, it will be one of favourite spots for gadgets enthusiasts.

What can you buy here? Anything from any country with the best possible prices.

Not only online shopping for items in malaysia, but also other countries. Purchase what you want from more than 50 countries with the lowest shipping costs.

You can download the apps from your android or iphone to purchase directly from your smartphone.

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