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But if you already use Mailchimp, it’s natural to build a sales page through it. Mailchimp offers a 30-day free trial for all packages. At its most affordable, Mailchimp costs €144.36 per year, or €0.40 per day. However, check which services are included in this option, because the more different parts you need, the more valuable Mailchimp will be in the end. One of the most important is the integration possibilities with your homepage, so that you can get both customers and buyers to move directly to the right segments and automations effortlessly. Mailchimp My personal opinion on building a sales page Personally,  a sales page directly on your own homepage, it is always the best and cheapest option. If there is no homepage, then the second best option according to experience is LeadPages and the third option is Active Campaign.

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Please note that if you want to change the homepage theme to, for example, Beaver Builder, you should leave it to new data a professional. However, I am personally satisfied with the WordPress + Beaver Builder/LeadPages + Active Campaign combination and have been using these programs since 2016. Now you know my opinion on which program should be used to create a sales page. Which of these programs are you already familiar with? Psst… Pin this post to Pinterest Which program should you use to create a sales page? What is the difference between a landing page, a sales page and a home page? For e-mail marketing , for creating online courses / e-books | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen What is the difference between a landing page, a sales page and a home page? In this post, commonalities of these pages and in which situations these pages are necessary.

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What is the difference between a landing page, a sales page and a home page? Let’s start with the easiest, i.e. the homepage. The term “home page” can be used BTC Database AS either for a single page on a specific domain or for the entire home site. For example, can be interpreted as a home page, but its front page can also be called a home page. The home page can consist of several different pages with different purposes. Both the landing page and the sales page can be individual pages of the entire homepage. The task of the homepage is not only to convert visitors into customers, but rather to tell in a comprehensive way what the company or entrepreneur is like, how he can help and who he helps. Feedback can be collected on the homepage ( such as this one ) and more detailed information about services and products can be provided.

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